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Organically grown Australian native fruit, vegetables and herbs cultivated in a sustainable way.

That is the promise at Pundi Produce, an aquaponic farm at Monash, a town located in the sun-drenched Riverland region of South Australia.

But it is not just about growing world-class Australian herbs and vegetables for both domestic and international markets, Pundi Produce is also about celebrating the food’s cultural heritage and making a difference for indigenous youth living in the community.

Pundi Produce is also passionate about improving community and environmental well-being through its practices.
Australian native foods grown on-farm include River mint, Raltbush, Lemon Myrtle, Wattle Seed, Warrigal (native spinach) and Bush Tomatoes.

If you, like many others, have been working to incorporate more native foods into your cooking, look no further than Pundi Produce.

Australian Native Foods Information

While Australian native foods are still relatively new to modern cuisine, indigenous Australians have known about their unique flavour profile and medicinal properties for thousands of years. Many native fruits and herbs are considered to be ‘super foods’, as they are rich in protein and antioxidants which are known to combat diseases including Alzheimers and cancer, as well as soothing everyday ailments including headaches and digestive complaints. The demand for Australian native foods has increased dramatically in recent years, as they are eco-friendly, drought tolerant and produce fruit more quickly than commercial crops. In addition, the fact that the produce is grown using aquaponics, means that crops use less water and there is no need for chemical fertilisers, pesticides or insecticides. The popularity of native food has made a significant impact on our national cuisine, with herbs including lemon myrtle and wattle seed now featuring regularly in dishes produced in fine dining venues throughout the world.

Brand NEW & Award winning -
pundi Bitters

For tens of thousands of years First Peoples on this land have understood the medicine in the wood, leaves and fruit of the plants that we harvest and press for oil to craft our bitters – a legacy of deep knowing that we believe is the root of healing the planet and the people in our Riverland community.

Our 3 bold bitters speak of provenance, of earth and origin.

Head distiller Rose Kentish lets the plants do the talking with her original layering of flavours to enhance your cooking experience and elevate the contents of any glass – warm smoked Wood, air in the Leaves and tangy Fruit.

The first of their kind to hero entirely indigenous Australian botanicals, our bitters invite you to understand the abundance of country, and the protection, nourishment and new life our plants yield.

Locally Grown Rivermint Available Online!

A subtle Australian native herb with the taste and aroma of spearmint making it the perfect pick-me-up tea. This rambling mint bush (Mentha Australis) is found across south-eastern Australia in moist forests and around waterways. Best used to: Enjoy Rivermint as a tea, added to roast lamb, in sauces or to simply freshen up a salad. Benefits: Rivermint is known to support digestion thanks to its menthol properties. It is also reputedly good for easing the effects of colds. History: Early inhabitants used Rivermint for medicinal purposes; the crushed leaves were sniffed to relieve headaches.

Ancient Wisdom. Modern Technology. Purposeful Produce.

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Pundi Produce is not just about produce, it’s about empowerment. It’s about helping people reconnect with nature through touch, taste and tending, in order to improve their overall health and well-being. Read More in our blogs…

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